HARRY STYLES riding a mechanical bull at The Trophy Room in Austin, TX (if you use this please credit it)

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can someone please explain to me how this


turned into this


I’m actually pretty sure the answer is this


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Nick has written a guide to uni for Topman. You can view the article on the topman website, here

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September 22 2014: Daisy Lowe & Nick Grimshaw walking their dogs in Primerose hill

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Nick Grimshaw playing with Pig today in Primrose Hill.

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Anonymous said: hey:) what are your thoughts on the rainbow direction thing? feel free to delete this message if you don't want to answer. btw. it's great to have you back! -not that you've been away, but still.-

Oh, don’t even get me started. I think that it’s disgusting that some people are trying to wrap up their super invasive method of shipping in the guise of a social justice campaign. I think it’s exclusionary of actualy LGBTQIA fans, manipulative, and the word of the day: gross. 

And thank you! 

Anonymous said: I'd like to know your thought on the 1D song writing stuff. We know Harry is writing songs and pitching them to other artists but we never hear of the songs of Liam or Louis going to other artists and yet they contribute far more than Harry to 1D's album tracks. Do you think Harry chooses to write mostly for others or that 1D could use Harry's stuff for the albums but choose LiLo's. I also wonder why Lilo don't seem to be trying to write for other people too like Harry does...

What an interesting question! I think it has a lot to do with where their focus is and what their personal music tastes are. Louis really does like music like Busted where it’s that kind of pop-rock. In addition, him and Liam are mostly recognized for being in One Direction so their goal seems to be to make One Direction more credible musically - and a big part of that for them seems to be writing their own songs. There’s also the financial incentive of owning a bigger piece of the pie.  

On the other hand, Harry writes a lot of folk-y ballads and there’s not room for very many on a pop album. In addition, he’s known for his own name and is likely looking beyond One Direction. Building a career not tied into 1D. And he’s much better at networking and meeting new people who want to write with him.