Anonymous said: all this Ibiza stuff is making me want an Ibiza!au where Harry hasn't really been out of holmes chapel and hes a finalist for the radio one Ibiza trip and gets picked cause he's so charming and everyone loves him (esp nick, although he's trying to remain neutral) and then nick meets him irl and is like oh lord that face, that hair, that voice. and then idk whatever like feelings and nick being like no this is work or maybe just fun sex times or WHATEVER. Anyway just needed to shout at someone.


omggg small town wide-eyed ingenue harry styles on a sudden ~~WILD RIDE~~ to ibiza with the coolest fucking people he’s ever met, the people he listens to every day at work and on the train AAAAAW and nick taking harry under his wing even though he’s not supposed to, taking harry out dancing, letting harry behind the DJ booth, going shot-for-shot with him in a bar, eventually doing radio in the morning with harry curled up silently in a chair in the corner of the studio, shagged-out and sunburned and hungover, watching nick work with this soft little smile on his face

idk how the ibiza stuff is working at all i haven’t been listening to the show but in my head THIS IS EXACTLY HOW IT WOULD GO DOWN IN MY DREAMS 


oh boy this is just some stupid crack from this tag thanks for NOthing bumpngryles 

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Anonymous said: hi I was just wondering if you could tell me what happened to nicks dog?

Unfortunately she passed away a few months ago. 


Liam Payne sends the internet into meltdown and Harry Styles once tweeted something freakishly large at Matt Fincham. No one can remember what it was (except us link), but it did bring back memories of the time Harry and Nick took photos of themselves with wrist supports in their pants. Real thing that happened. Night time was wild. (28.07.2014)

'When we were doing our evening shows, [Harry] tweeted a picture to you, of a freakishly large something, what was it?'
'A mouse mat, wasn't it?'
'He put a mouse mat down his trousers'
'No…no, it was a wrist support!'

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“shooting with the lovely and funniest Nick Grimshaw today”


shooting with the lovely and funniest Nick Grimshaw today”

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Anonymous said: heyyyy how was comic con? I wanna live vicariously thru you! did you go to the ob panel?

Heyyy!!! I just got home! I went to the Orphan Black Nerd HQ panel on Saturday not their comic con one because we didn’t get there until Saturday. Tatiana had the CUTEST yellow shoes on with her outfit and was basically flawless and amazing. And the whole cast puts so much thought into their performances and just seem so genuine and amazing about their approach to acting and to fans.