In which Nick does his 1D dance, no-one knows the words to Steal My Girl, and nipples are discussed EXTENSIVELY.


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#endearing tangled mess of limbs (via starsadrift)

becominghawk said: My theory, though I'll never be able to prove it, is that Harry actually had the shirt last. It hasn't been seen since ~spring when Nick wore it and when something's been in your closet that long you generally think of it as yours (especially if it is actually your shirt). We know they must have met up between Friday and now because Harry last wore those shoes in the US. (You can publish this if you want.)

Ha ha, well i’m all for wild speculation. :) i think since it’s been so long since it has been seen last that the idea it was at Harry’s house and Nick stayed over their on Friday night and reclaimed the shirt is a perfectly reasonable theory. Especially since Pig stayed with Emily for part of the weekend. 

i don’t think that they’re actually Harry’s shoes though - are they? 

untitledbychoice said: Nick was last seen in it early in the summer. Before that though we’d only ever seen harry wearing it.

You always come through for me. :)

Anonymous said: Nick wore the striped shirt today look on his Instagram!!xx

Yup! That’s what we’re talking about. He wore it today and yesterday so we’re just wondering who had it the time before yesterday. 



clothes sharing fuckers

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Anonymous said: Pretty sure it was nick.

I think so too, but not 100% sure. 

Anonymous said: Before Nick wearing it now do you know who was the last one to be wearing the striped shirt was it Nick or Harry?

I really have no idea. It has been awhile since we have seen it. Does anyone know??


The journey and the correlation of nipples to stardom: why do stars have loads of nipples? (20.10.2014)

'But why have pops stars got loads of nipples?'
'That's not true they're called mosquito bites!'
'No! They-he have-he..they have formed nipples!!'
'I don't know what pop stars you know…'

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