Anonymous said: Totally tinhatting about that clip too I mean what!!!! All his friends were over at his place and he talked about how they stayed late and everything cause the show wouldn't end... And then after that he stayed over somewhere else cough my friend cough I wonder who

I’m freaking out! I mean, it’s kind of obvious that he left for sex since Aimee is staying with him and he’s only got the one bed so not really conducive for a thriving sex life unless he constantly sexiles Aimee to the couch.¬†

And since they stayed late it would make sense for it to be someone he was already with and I really doubt he’s sleeping with Pixie and her boyfriend or Gillian so Harry is kind of the default¬†or Nick wanted them all out so he could leave on booty call for one of his other young stupid models but let’s pretend no.

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