Anonymous said: I really like your tinhatting thoughts in general cause you seem reasonable about it and logical and not completely crazy like some people can get haha, so I was just wondering what's some of your favourite tinhatty moments/thoughts or head canon about nick and harry?

Thanks! I’ve been in fandom for awhile for many fictional ships and one other RP ship so I’m very aware of the line that exists between fun tinhatty-ness and the problem of trying to force your image of someone onto them (see: (500) Days of Summer) - and a lot of the 1D fandom crosses that line so I always feel like I have to clarify when I am tinhatting and remain pretty realistic when I do tinhat. 

My favorite head canon is sub!Harry - I find D/S dynamics really interesting and Harry and Nick are perfect for that kind of fic (PLAYFIGHTING!) so I wish there was more! And my timeline head canon is that they’ve been friends with benefits for awhile but then during their week long date it kind of turned into a “are we dating?” sort of thing but they’re both terrified of commitment so they haven’t exactly had “the talk” yet but all of Grimmy’s friends tease them constantly. 

Random favorite moments: The pie dinner - “just let me take you out”, Harry driving Nick to work a bunch this summer - “I’m here like everyday”, Gemma and Anne tweeting Nick all the time, and Liam and Nick talking about Harry sending Nick pictures of him on set. 

EDIT: Oh, and them playing footsies at the movies that time Harry went to see half of Perks during his break from 1D rehearsals just to see Nick. (tinhatty swoons). 

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